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2014-03-23 13:28:52 by RoarArtGames


I've been a fan of Newgrounds for over 15 years, originally finding out about it just before high school. I had an account and uploaded some movies and games but haven't been active in the Newground community for sometime.

Recently I've been working on designing board games and through some very useful advice from this blog I decided to come back to Newgrounds as it is a great place to find artist.

I consider myself an artist and will try to post some artwork for games I'm working on but would love to work with other artist as well.

At the moment I'm in the early stages of board game design since I have no experience in the field but would like to launch a Kickstarter campaign of an original game. The games I'm currently working on I'm looking to do the artwork myself but I have bigger ideas down the road that would require someone with better talent than I have and I know that there is plenty of talent right here on Newgrounds.

Royce Banuelos

"Mr. Roar"